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Diodes laser DFB & DFB-QCL

Diode SLM -1550nm -raie 100kHZ
Diode SLM -1550nm -raie 100kHZ


Eblana's NLW series has become the industry standard in monolithic, ultra narrow linewidth laser diodes in the near infrared. Built on Eblana's Discrete Mode technology platform these lasers are the ultimate solution where the highest spectral purity must be delivered in the harshest environmental conditions.

  • Standard Linewidths down to sub 100kHz
  • Monolithic design without external cavity
  • Tunable by either temperature or current
  • Low sensitivity to mechanical vibration
  • Injection Locking versions available
  • Wavelength may be specified to custom value


       • Optical Sensing
       • Lidar
       • Coherent communications
       • Interferometery
       • Test and Measurement


Diode SLM Ultra Narrow Linewidth