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Fluoride Glass Fiber Optics

Applications that require high quality fibers and glasses for the average infrared emission window (2000 nm to 4500 nm) have grown considerably in recent years. This is the case, among others, fluorinated glass fibers that are now manufactured and marketed by our partner FiberLabs. These materials can be adapted for specific wavelengths and applications, including for detection, telecommunications, spectroscopy, medical lasers and high power beam transport for industrial applications. ZBLAN FiberLabs Fluoropolymer technology is a perfect substitute for most Erbium-YAG or Holmium-YAG installations, as well as Sapphire Fiber and Chalcogenide Glass Fiber Technology. With its patented manufacturing ZBLAN (Fluorinated Fiber – Fluorinated Glass) technology and unique chemical compounds. Nano-Giga will remain an industry leader in offering high quality fibers and lenses at the lowest price possible.