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Tunable Optical Filters

WL Photonics, based in Canada, develops and manufactures fibered tunable filters with a bandwidth range of 0.1 to 40 nm. Derived from a patent using Fourier transformation in free space combined with a diffraction grating. Our filters are tunable up to 150 nm available in X, O, S, C and L bands, ~ 1-1.6? M and up to 5Watts of optical power.

The second range is Bragg’s narrow tunable optical filters of some GHz that offer wavelength tunability over the entire C band with excellent isolation from adjacent channels. Based on TeraXion’s expertise in FBG filters and associated with its wavelength tunability platform, these optiquent filters offer a narrow and precise transmission window, providing impressive insulation.

The third range exploits the acousto-optical technology of our partner Gooch & Housego.

Acousto-optical filtering is based on the dependence of the wavelength of diffracted light on the acoustic frequency. By modifying this frequency, it is possible to diffract an acousto-optically precise wavelength.

There are two types of acousto-optical filters, collinear and non-collinear, named for the geometric nature of the acousto-optical interaction involved.