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Passif Fiber Components

Nano-Giga provides a full range of optical sockets, power combiners, attenuators and WDM based on fused fiber technology for wavelengths from visible to near infrared.

Fused couplers divide and combine light signals by coupling light directly between fiber cores, providing advantages in terms of efficiency and reliability over filter-based couplers. By varying the parameters of the melting and reducing process, our components precisely control the proportion of light split between the fibers and the wavelength at which splitting occurs.
Fused fiber components are used for optical signal derivation and interfacing in telecommunications, sensor and biomedical systems. We also offer a dedicated delay line to meet the needs of optical coherence tomography (OCT) based systems and components for 2 um operation.
Our welded coupler production process has been perfected for decades to achieve low insertion loss, high processing power and high extinguishment, with rigorous manufacturing controls to ensure high quality and reliability.
We have extensive experience in the mass production of fiber components for telecom deployment, and can customize any of our designs to meet the needs of OEM volume applications. Our engineers apply their knowledge to design custom products for our customers to meet their unique needs. The tables show a range of typical fused fiber components.