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Absortion Tubes


In addition to our fiber-coupled cells, Nano-giga also offers bare absorption tubes. These tubes are useful for optical applications in free space, such as those requiring wavelengths where the optical fiber is not applicable. We have many gases and can also supply mixtures. For example, our customers often request a backfill of nitrogen to mimic the weather.

The tubes are made to measure so that several configurations are possible. When you request an absorption tube, you can refer to our practical information sheet on absorption tubes.


  • Length: 2cm < L < 20cm (2cm, 5cm, 10cm standard)
  • Outer Diameter (OD): 12mm and 25mm standard; 5mm and 9mm also available
  • Tipoff: T < 10mm
  • Window Tilt: 3 degrees
  • Window Wedge: 0.3 degrees
  • Window material:  B270 Crown Glass (<2.6 microns); MgF2 (<8 microns); ZnSe (<14 microns)

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