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ASE Sources

Nano-Giga offers a complete low cost range of Spontaneous Amplified Emission (ASE) light sources for industry and research. ASE light sources exhibit excellent performance, including spectral and power stability. In addition, customers can choose among other things the shape of the flattened spectrum with GFF or not to better meet their needs. ASE light sources are high-bandwidth ultra-high power and stability sources designed for optical measurement and test applications. The product is based on doped fiber technology to produce amplified spontaneous emission.

The ASE light source covers a wide range of wavelengths, including the C, C + L-Band, and 1050nm band. The broad spectrum spectrum of the ASE light source is ideal for DWDM applications, characterization of systems and components, and use in fiber sensor monitoring sytems.

ASE Source (other bands)

Discription :

ASE(Amplified Spontaneous Emission) light sources are broadband light sources with high-brightness over a broad spectral range.ral ranges including telecom and other band. These light sources are widely used in applications such as characterization of WDM components, optical sensing and other optical measurements. They can be optimized according to customer requirements, and please feel free to contact nano-giga.

More Details

Band Model Wavelength Range (nm) Total Output Power Size H x W x D mm
dBm mW

Telecom Band

O band ASE-1300-01 1280-1320 >0 >1 88x260x350
ASE-FL7611 >+8 >6
S band ASE-FL7210 1460-1490 >+7 >5 88x260x350
C band ASE-C-10S 1530-1560 >+10 >10 44x112x120
ASE-1550-25 >+14 >25 88x260x350
ASE-FL7010 >+16 >40
ASE-FL7012 1530-1570 >+16 >40
ASE-FL7013 1531-1563 >+16 >40
ASE-FL7050 1530-1560 >+22 >150
ASE-1560-G20(Gaussian model) 1560+/-8 >+13 >20
CL band ASE-CL-13S 1530-1610 44x112x200
ASE-FL7002 >+13 >20 88x260x350
ASE-FL7004 >+16.5 >45
ASE-FL7015 >+23 >200 130x440x460
ASE-FL7006-15 >+15 >30 88x260x350
ASE-FL7006-17 >+17 >50
SCL band ASE-FL7701 1460-1610 >+11 >12 88x260x350
ASE-FL7701-Option 1001 1460-1600 >+5 >3

Other Band

550nm band ASE-0545-0.1 (without isolator) 540-550 >-10 >0.1 88x260x350
850nm band ASE-0850-02 (with isolator) 840-855 >+3 >2 88x260x350
980nm band ASE-0980-10 (with isolator) 975-1050 >+10 >10 88x260x350
X (1um) band ASE-1020-02 (without isolator) 1000-1040 >+3 >2 88x260x350
ASE-1045-02 (without isolator) 1010-1080 >+3 >2
ASE-1050-20 (with isolator) 1015-1100 >+13 >20
2um band ASE – VASS-Tm-2000-B 1900-2050 10 50 270(L)x235(w)x105(H)

ASE Source C band

Discription :

Amonics C-band ASE light source feature high output power, very wide spectral range and high stability against temperature change. Amonics’ C-band ASE light source are available in benchtop or OEM module. In the benchtop unit, the output power, alarms and driving current values are shown on the LCD display. Output power can be adjusted by tuning the front panel control knob. Also active emission button is used to enhance operation safety. The OEM module version is an ideal building block for OEM system integrators, especially in fiber optic sensing and optical tomography applications. It requires only a single +5V power supply with low power consumption.

More Details

C-Band ASE Broadband Light Source Specifications 

ALS-10 ALS-15 ALS-18 ALS-20 ALS-23
Output Power Min.10dBm Typ.15dBm Min.14dBm Typ.18dBm Min.17dBm Typ.20dBm Min.19dBm Typ.23dBm Min.22dBm
Min.Spectral Density -10dBm/nm -5dBm/nm -3dBm/nm 0dBm/nm +2dBm/nm
Spectral Range 1528nm to 1564nm
Output Stability < + / -0.02dB (over 8 hrs), < + / -0.005dB (over 5 mins)
Output Isolation > 40dB
Output Polarization < 5%

 * Other output power models are available upon request

 General Environmental Parameters 

Parameter Unit Benchtop Module
Operation Temperature Range °C 0 to 40 0 to +60
Storage Temperature Range °C -10 to 70 -10 to +70
Power Supply V 80 – 240 VAC, 47 – 63Hz 5.0 VDC
Dimensions mm 260(W)x330(L)x120(H) 70(W)x100(L)x14(H) for ALS-10, 100(W)x120(L)x18(H) for ALS-15, 120(W)x200(L)x25(H) for ALS-18, ALS-20, ALS-23
Electrical Connector NA 14-pin MIL Socket
Protection Pump laser over heat  warning Pump laser over current  warning
LCD Display mA Pump Laser Current NA
Control Keylock switch, output power NA
Computer Interface RS232 or Ethernet NA
Optical Connector FC/APC, FC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC
Optical Fiber SMF-28
Features Applications Options
  •   Fiber optic sensing
  •   Optical tomography
  •   DWDM component characterization
  • Wide spectral range
  •   High output power
  •   Good spectral stability
  •   Compact size
  •   Good performance cost ratio
  •   Two year warranty
  • Gain Flattening Filter