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DFB Lasers (up to 100 mW) DWDM

Discription :

Gooch & Housego DFB laser diodes such as the EM4 lasers are DFB lasers that deliver power from 40 to 100 mW. They are distinguished by a very low RIN and an ultra-narrow linewidth <1MHz. These diodes are available in 14-pin Butterfly and optionally a 7-pin box with RF modulation input (10GHz). They are particularly well suited to analog fiber links. Available on the C band and L-band (ITU standard), as well as at 1310 nm and 1064 nm also in module version (EM650) with integrated control electronics (TEC and current).

Applications :

– Transmissions analogiques / RoF
– RF Links
– Optique micro-onde
– Test et instrumentation
– Sensing

More Details
Product Product Code Wavelength Power Option Type Package Pigtail Type Key Feature
High Power DFB Laser Modules
N/A 1064,1310,1529 thru 1610 nm 100 mW,40,50,63,80 DFB MODULE PM/SM N/A
High Bandwidth DFB Laser Modules / RF Transmitters
DatasheetProduct image
N/A 1310,1530,1550,1570 nm 10,18 mW DFB MODULE PM/SM Photonic RF transmitter
High Bandwidth DFB Lasers
DatasheetProduct image
AA0701 1310 nm,1528 – 1570 nm 10,18 mW DFB 7-PIN PM/SM High bandwidth
High Power DFB Lasers
AA1401; AA1406; AA1411 1064 nm,1529 – 1617 nm 100 mW,40,50,63,80 DFB 14-PIN PM/SM N/A
DBR Lasers
EM509 1064 nm 150 mW DBR 14-PIN PM/SM N/A
Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser Modules
EM750 1532 1575 nm 30,50 mW DFB MODULE PM/SM Narrow linewidth