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DFB Laser, FB Laser & QCL Laser Diodes

Discription :

Fabry Perot QCL lasers or DFB/FB QCL Laser Diodes belong to the spectral range of the 4um-12um Infra-Red medium. QCL lasers are semiconductor lasers that can emit far-infrared to mid-infrared. QCL lasers are unipolar and the laser emission is obtained by inter-subband transition of a quantum confinement structure, a quantum well, composed of a multitude of heterostructures in a row. They therefore differ from traditional semiconductor laser diodes in that they do not use a p-n junction for light emission. Adtech optics has developed and produced innovative QCL lasers available in different housing, emitting CW or pulsed at up to 150mW ambient temperature for DFB lasers.

Applications :

– CO2 gas detection, H2O, CH4, HF, NH3 etc …
– Metrology,
– Medical

More Details

Wavelength Range (cm-1) Mode Average Power Gas
1090-1180  QCW
(i.e : pulsed)
<5mW Amonia (NH3)
1272-1305 QCW  <5mW  Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
1315-1380 QCW  <5mW  Methane (CH4)
1344-1356 CW  <5mW Methane (CH4)
1396-1402 QCW <5mW Sulfur trioxide (SO3)
1622-1650 QCW <5mW
1726-1795  CW  >60mW Formaldehyde (H2CO), Water (H2O)
1746-1825  QCW <10mW  Formaldehyde (H2CO), Water (H2O)
1855-1945  QCW  <5mW Nitric Oxide (NO)
1955-1976  CW  <5mW
2180-2392 QCW <5mW Carbon dioxide (CO2)
2222-2259 CW 5mW-10mW Carbon monoxide (CO)
2269-2312 CW 5mW-10mW