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Faraday Mirrors


Faraday Mirrors is a passive device that provides a 90 degree rotation with respect to the polarization state of the input light. The FM offers excellent performance, including the lowest insertion loss possible and the stability of the environment. It is used in EDFAs, fiber lasers, fiber instruments and interferometers to minimize the polarization effect.

Faraday Mirror (1064,1310,1550nm), Fiber Mirror Reflector-Type Adapter.

Optical Collimators


The collimators convert the diverging output of a fiber waveguide into an expanding parallel light beam. Fiber collimators can provide a variety of signal switching and optical component management functions on the fiber.
Single fiber, dual fiber, separate fiber, multimode fiber, PM fiber.
Besides we can offer 80um fiber with small diameter of curvature, and other speciaty fibers.