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FBG Stretchers for Fiber Laser


Pulse Stretcher is a compact, robust and cost-effective solution to control pulse durations in ultrafast laser systems using a diffraction grating (Treacy) compressor.

It guarantees optimal peak power and dynamic and precise pulse control in any circumstance. It improves laser performance by compensating the misalignment of the diffraction grating compressor and the amplifier self-phase modulation (SPM), and contributes to forming the smallest stretcher-compressor pair in the industry.

Through its exclusive fiber Bragg grating (FBG) dispersion management, the PowerSpectrum™ — TPSR-T is designed to account for high order dispersion and any additional fiber length. Its flexible software options make it easy to integrate within any design and allow for a fully electronic calibration of lasers systems, resulting in shorter cycle times, increased throughput and lower operating costs


  • Available between 800 and 2400 nm
  • Up to 10 nanoseconds of stretch