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Fiber Optic Sensors for Measurment


Our sensor units monitor through fiber optic sensors for measurment of temperature, pressure, deformation, displacement, force / load. They require no special skills. Driven by a PC and the associated software.


  • Application to composite materials
  • Structural monitoring and impact detection
  • Process control, propeller blades, airplane structure, automobile etc.
  • Manufacturing control, quality improvement
  • Application to composite materials in rail
  • Petroleum Sector Applications (Pipe Monitoring Sensor)


  • Measure of: temp. pressure, deformations, force, inclination, index, curvature
  • Metrological resolutions
  • Nb multiplexable sensors (~ 10 per line, N lines in //, evolutionary topology)
  • Safety if fiber breakage (interrogation by both ends)
  • Good behavior of networks in harsh environments,
  • Absolute measurements (neither calibration nor permanent operation imposed)