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Frequency Locked Laser


Wavelength Reference’s Clarity is a frequency locked laser system, that is locked on a molecular absorption line. The device designed around a semiconductor laser in a unique configuration to be tuned to a physical constant and giving the system a high frequency stability. Its design thus makes it an excellent reference standard. Its locking mechanism also has the capability that coupled with a low noise electronics can achieve a linewidth of <30 KHz this type of performance are highly sought after for interferometric applications. Unlike other commercialized lasers, the phase noise remains low even low frequency where often the component 1/f is important and can be troublesome.


  • Calibration for optical instrumentation
  • Optical Metrology
  • Interferometric Optical Sensing
  • Smart Structures
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Gas Sensing


  • Narrow linewidth <30KHz
  • The ultimate in stablity and accuracy
  • Low cost
  • 1300-1500 Band Wavelength Support
  • Allan deviation <5x1