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LiNbO3 Fiber Modulators


EOSPACE products feature exceptionally low insertion loss and broad bandwidth, and are based on proprietary lithium niobate (LiNbO3) integrated optics technology. This state-of-the-art optical IC technology was developed originally for very demanding aerospace applications requiring high frequency microwave fiber-optic transmission.

The optical integrated circuit technology is now available for both wideband commercial telecommunications and aerospace applications.


  • LiNbO3 electro-optical modulators from 10GHz to 40GHz for wavelengths, 800 nm, 1060 nm, 1300 nm, 1550 nm and 2um.
  • Fiber optic or optical acousto-optic modulators, from 0.2um to 10um.
  • Optical chopper for up to 120KHz.
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