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Narrow Linewidth Tunable lasers band C & L
Discription :

The Pure Photonics narrow linewidth tunable laser band C & L is based on an extended cavity ITLA semiconductor laser. High volume product for the telecommunications market, guaranteeing performance, quality and reliability. We provide three basic versions of the product (PPCL300, PPCL200, PPCL100), all of which can be customized for performance. output power (up to 18 dBm for the C band and 17 dBm for the L band) and the frequency range (up to 60 nm). On each version can be added PTZ Frequency modulation, tuning etc. The PPCL100 is the standard Telecom product, with a low noise mode. The PPCL200 is an enhanced version with a low-noise firmware mode and useful modulation and control functions in quiet mode. The PPCL300 is our low-noise model with electronics modifications to further reduce kHz-MHz noise and access to more powerful modulation capabilities. The low noise tunable lasers can be supplied as is, with an evaluation system or integrated into the PPCL500 (for PPCL100, PPCL200), PPCL550 (for PPCL300) or CoBrite enclosures.

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More Details
Product Image Description Available Features
PPCL300 Logo Low-noise ITLA with custom inputs and outputs Inputs for AM and FM modulation Optional micro-USB interface Clean Sweep Clean Scan Clean Jump No-Drift mode Clean Modulation Clean Measurement micro-USB interface
PPCL200 Logo ITLA with narrow linewidth and improved low-noise mode Clean Sweep Clean Scan Clean Jump No-Drift mode
PPCL100 Logo Standard telecom ITLA with low-noise modes
PPCL5x0 Enclosure solution Integrated Power Supply Micro-USB interface No Fiber Hassle
CoBrite Logo ID Photonics enclosure solution Integrated Power Supply USB interface ID Photonics software