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Format module Format compact
  • 150 000 ps/nm dans un demi-module 1U
  • Très faibles perte d’insertion et latence
  • Pas de changement rapide SOP
  • RoHS 6
  • Latence en dessous de 25 ns
  • Format compact : 162 x 20 x 9 mm
  • Très faible perte d’insertion
  • Grille de 50 ou de 100 GHz
  • Accord de la pente pour fibres G.652 ou G.655
  • Conforme RoHS

Static Dispersion Compensator


TeraXion’s static dispersion compensators have the unique advantage of combining very low insertion losses with high optical power tolerance in a compact module. “An insertion loss of 2 dB for compensation levels between 20 and 100 km combined with dispersion stability for a temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C make our static dispersion compensator The compact choice of ClearSpectrum (TM) DCX and DCMX modules also makes it easy to integrate with other critical components such as optical amplifiers.

They are therefore available in compact module or half-module 1U, specially designed to compensate for a high level of dispersion while maintaining a very low insertion loss. TeraXion’s established technology in Bragg Networks (FBG) materializes in this reliable and compact solution, based on serialization of several Telcordia qualified networks. This RoHS 6 solution offers a bandwidth of 50 GHz regardless of the dispersion level, making it ideal for the large dispersion compensation required for coherent detection at 40 and 100 Gb/s.