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Superluminescent Sources (SLED)

Discription :

Superluminescent sources SLED from Nano-Giga are stable and incoherent broadband light sources. Nano-Giga offers SLEDs in intermediate wavelengths between 675 and 1,620 nm, at powers of up to 10 mW. Direct or single-mode emissions with FC / APC connectors are available. They are used in applications such as fiber optic sensors, optical coherence tomography (OCT), biomedical imaging systems and optical test instruments.

All models are available in Benchtop version or OEM module with or without integrated circulator, require 5V or 12V power supply.

Applications :

  • Fiber optic sensing
  • Optical tomography
  • DWDM component
  • Characterization
  • Optical gyroscope

Avantage :

  • Intensity Modulation up to 1MHz
  • PM fiber coupling
  • Output Isolation
  • Input Power Monitoring