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Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser module 2um
The Oewaves Ultra narrow linewidth laser module 2um has been developed to offer an ultra-fine line width at 200Hz. Its design is based on the lock with a microresonator in auto-injection of a semiconductor laser in gallery mode “Whispering Gallery mode” (WGM). This new module also integrates low current noise drivers and TEC, Built with a USB interface for control and user-friendly control (RS-232 option). The laser module has long-term frequency stability and ultra-low frequency noise, 1nm thermal tunability is also available via an SMA RF input.
  • Coherent LIDAR
  • Optical Metrology and Spectroscopy
  • Interferometric Optical Sensing
  • Smart StructuresPipeline Monitoring and Leak Dection
  • Gas Sensing
  • Ultra-Narrow Instantaneous and Dynamic Laser Linewidth<200Hz
  • Ultra-Low Phase/Frequency Noise
  • Low RIN
  • 1900-2100 Band Wavelength Support
  • Wide Thermal Tuning Ran