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(YDFA) Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier

Ytterbium doped fiber amplifier (YDFA) are manufactured using high power pump lasers and high stability, robust and powerful pump combiners. The result are YDFAs that have high output power, high gain with exceptionally reliable performance, and are perfect for high power YDFA applications. Models are available in either polarized or random polarization versions with a narrow line width (<100 KHz) seed source amplification option. The standard bandwidth is between 1060 and 1090 nm and the signal-to-noise ratio is excellent in this bandwidth. Microprocessor-controlled, turnkey YDFA benchmarks handle alarms and status indicators. An integrated RS232 or Ethernet computer interface allows easy control, diagnostics and data acquisition functions. Available options include single frequency operation, linear polarization operation.