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Linewidth Analyzer

Highfinesse’s Linewidth Analyzer or (LWA) provides high-resolution measurement and analysis of the spectral shape of single-frequency lasers. It also allows measurement of the frequency noise spectrum of the laser. A combination of two interferometric measurement modes allows the LWA to quickly acquire laser source information.

It comes in two versions:

High Resolution Frequency Noise Analyzer & Controller LWA-1k-1550

  • Telecom version at 1.55um
  • Frequency noise, spectral shape and noise intensity (RIN) analysis
  • Intrinsic spectral width measurement up to 500 Hz
  • Frequency noise sensitivity of 10 Hz / Hz with a dynamic range of 50 dB between 10 Hz and 2 MHz
  • RIN up to -150 dB / Hz
  • Very robust against acoustic noise
  • Error generator for INR reduction, spectral width and frequency noise
High Resolution Lineshape Analyzer LWA-100k

  • Visible domain and near IR
  • Spectral shape analysis and frequency noise
  • Intrasque spectral width measurement 20kHz-1MHz
  • Combined measurement 100kHz-300MHz
  • Frequency noise sensitivity <100 Hz / Hz for frequencies above 100 kHz
  • High speed of acquisition 30 MSa / s
  • Precision 20 kHz