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Single Frequency Lasers Wavelength Output power Datasheet
360nm 360 ± 1nm 5mW to 30mW Datasheet
457nm 457± 1nm 10mW to 300mW Datasheet
473nm 473± 1nm 10mW to 100mW Datasheet
532nm 532± 1nm 30mW to 5000mW Datasheet
556nm  556± 1nm 50mW to 500mW Datasheet
561nm 561± 1nm 30mW to 80mW Datasheet
589nm 589 ± 1nm 30mW to 200mW Datasheet
639nm 639 ± 1nm 50mW to 400mW Datasheet
660nm 660 ± 1nm 5mW to 20mW Datasheet
671nm 671± 1nm 50mW to 500mW Datasheet
721nm 721± 1nm 30mW to 150mW Datasheet
1064nm 1064± 1nm 50mW to 1000mW Datasheet
1342nm 1342nm 50mW to 200mW Datasheet
Single Frequency Lasers


Single frequency lasers are modules that come in various selections with unique longitudinal modes. Also, Single frequency lasers are made to be ultra-compact, have a long-life span, to be economical and easy-to-use devices for the DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, cell sorting. Other applications include : optical instrument, spectral interference, measurement, holography, etc…