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DPSS Lasers Wavelength Output power Datasheet
261nm 261 ± 1nm 1mW ~ 10mW Datasheet
303nm 303nm 1mW ~ 20mW Datasheet
320nm 320 ± 1nm 1mW ~ 25mW Datasheet
355nm 355nm 3mW ~ 15mW Datasheet
360nm 360nm (+/-1nm) 10mW ~ 200mW Datasheet
430nm 430nm +/-2nm 10mW ~ 100mW Datasheet
457nm 457nm (±1nm) 50mW ~ 1000mW Datasheet
473nm 473nm 50mW ~ 1500mW Datasheet
480nm 480nm 10mW ~ 150mW Datasheet
491nm 491nm +/-1nm 1mW ~ 2mW Datasheet
500.8nm 500.8nm +/-1nm 1mW ~ 2mW Datasheet
514.5nm 514.5nm +/-1nm 10mW ~ 30mW Datasheet
515nm 515nm 10mW ~ 500mW Datasheet
523.5nm 523.5nm +/-1nm 10mW ~ 800mW Datasheet
526.5nm 526.5nm +/-1nm 10mW ~ 1000mW Datasheet
532nm  532nm 100mW ~ 20000mW Datasheet
543nm 543nm 30mW ~ 1500mW Datasheet
552nm 552 ± 1nm 30mw ~ 200mW Datasheet
556nm 556nm 10mW ~ 2500mW Datasheet
561nm 561nm 30mW ~ 2000mW Datasheet
577nm  577±2nm 10 mW ~ 500mW Datasheet
589nm 589nm (±1nm) 30mW ~ 3000mW Datasheet
593.5nm 593.5nm (±1nm) 10mW ~ 800mW Datasheet
604nm 604nm (±1nm) 10mW ~ 60mW Datasheet
607nm 607nm (±3nm) 10mW ~ 200mW
639nm 639nm +/-1nm 100mW ~ 1200mW Datasheet
656.5nm 656.5nm (±1nm) 10mW ~ 800mW Datasheet
660nm 660nm 50mW ~ 2000mW Datasheet
671nm 671nm (±1nm) 100mW ~ 5000mW Datasheet
721nm 721nm (±1nm) 30mW ~ 500mW Datasheet
914nm 914nm (±1nm) 100mW ~ 800mW Datasheet
946nm 946 +/-1nm 50mW ~ 800mW Datasheet
1030nm 1030 ± 1nm 10mW ~ 100mW Datasheet
1064nm 1064 +/-1nm 300mW ~ 8000mW Datasheet
1085nm 1085 +/-2nm 100mW ~ 500mW Datasheet
1112nm  1112 ± 3nm 30mW ~ 500mW Datasheet
1122nm 1122 ± 3nm 50mW ~ 1000mW Datasheet
1177nm 1177 ± 1nm 1mW ~ 150mW
2790nm 2790 ± 3nm 50mW ~ 300mW Datasheet


DPSS Lasers


Diode pumping solid state lasers or DPSS Lasers are semiconductor lasers manufactured by combining a solid gain medium with a laser diode. Diode-pumped solid-state lasers have certain advantages such as ; compactness and efficiency over other types. Also, high-power DPSS lasers have replaced ion lasers and flash-pump lasers in many scientific applications.